Question of Ethics

Post by Carlos Montoya
Last Updated: 04 September 2014
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BY: SUMIKO CORLEY PHOTOS: CARLOS MONTOYA A vicious attack on the field during the La Cueva/Highland varsity soccer game at the APS Soccer Complex August 30th has the Bears' Chris Manning recovering from head and back injuries, reprising the very serious issue of conduct and consequence. Here's what we know: In a game described by La Cueva head varsity coach Kevin Driggs, players and several spectators, the game was fast-paced - not too rough or dirty - both teams playing hard. Then, during the 2nd half, La Cueva's number 6, Chris Manning, and a Highland player both went for the ball. "They both went down to the ground after a tackle had been made," says Driggs. "They got tangled up in a challenge, on the way down Chris Manning grabbed the Highland player. While on the ground the Highland player punched Chris, connected on the side of the head. After hitting Chris, he stood up for 3-4 seconds and then kicked Chris while Chris was on the ground." Read more in the September issue of ABQ Sports Magazine. Click on the issue on the front page.